Superior quality
Glazed Wall tiles

About us

We're a distribution company headquartered in San Antonio, TX whose business model is based on service, quality and value. Our goal is to provide superior 1st quality glazed wall tiles at discount prices shipped within 48 hours. Deep inventory levels and a focus on products that people actually want allow us to execute this plan.

Our wall tiles are produced by an extrusion method using wet clay. The result is a finished product that is reminiscent of hand molded tiles but with a much more refined appearance. Our moldings and liners are produced by both extrusion and ram press methods and our glazes are primarily translucent, giving them depth and character.

Over time it's our intention to update the Basics color palette based on fashion and demand, always keeping the offering lean and nimble so that we don't deviate from our ability to maintain deep inventory levels. Our focus is not to be all things to all people. We just want to provide the basics in glazed wall tile, whatever that might be.